Corporate and Private Sector Strategy Advice
Advice on strategic positioning in the renewable energy and climate-friendly value chain.
Guidance on market strategy from an opportunity and long-term risk perspective.
Strategy Advice to African DFI
Five year Business Plan for SACREEE

Funding solutions for climate-friendly and renewable energy projects. Specific focus on climate finance mechanisms through the Green Climate Fund as well as Climate Bonds, Impact Bonds and other innovative funding mechanisms. Specific focus is the potential for embedded (off-grid) embedded generation for the mining sector.

Climate Change Response Strategies
Long term, pragmatic and insightful strategy advice to corporations, civil society and the public sector on the Paris Agreement and related climate conventions and associated opportunities.

Infrastructure planning
Advice on embedding sustainability and resilience into infrastructure design, planning and construction.
Piloting Global Resilience Standard for Infrastructure

Facilitated Discussion
Informed facilitation of thematic discussions that allows stakeholders (business, NGO’s, government) to gain insight into the thinking of critical role players and forces from outside their domain, that impact on their strategic decisions.

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